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You may have noticed in my previous post that I have started to develop some of my ships.  I am doing so using the Shape tool from

You can see my entire collection at

These good folks have also started to write blog posts about this effort.  You can find the first one here:

I am hoping to be able to show the 3dmodels more easily in this blog, but it will require wordpress to release iframe functionality for (I have put in the request).


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I am currently working on a RPG (Role Playing Game) called “Starship Pirates”.  I will be documenting the requirements and some of the story line here for my own needs.

The premise is that the player (“you” from here on) wants to become a pirate in a futuristic society.  To begin with the player can define a few key features…here is what I have so far:


  1) Human – Intelligent (Intelligence Scale Limited upward), but otherwise non-descript.

  2) Korlog – Brutes of beasts.  Slow (Speed scale limited).

  3) Dracor – Large beings that generally look like Dragons.  Limited flying ability (Can jump high/far and change direction in mid jump)

  4) Wisp – Tiny little things with no strength (Scale limited).  Fast as anything (Scale Limited Upward).

Gender (N/A for Korlog)

Height (Scale)

Weight (Scale)

Strength (Scale)

Leaping Ability (Scale)

Intelligence (Scale)

Speed (Scale)

Agility (Scale)

Looks (Will not help or hinder a player)

The player will only have a certain number of “Points” to spend on each attribute.  Certain species will be limited in certain areas.

Although these attributes have to do with hand-to-hand and locomotion on terra firma, most of the game will take place in space.  Once the player has determined all of the attributes, they will go to the “Pirate Combine” where they will be put through a series of tests:

1) Piloting (Tests can be taken as often as you want, but only the last score will count)

        a) Watch Out for that Mine – In a cruiser, attempt to navigate a mine field. Score depends on speed and number of impacts.  A cruiser is big and bulky, but it isn’t difficult to control.

        b) Tumbling Feeling – You are placed in a Fighter/Interceptor (FI) that is currently out of control.  Your job is to get it under control, find a space station and dock with it.  Speed is the only scoring metric. A Fighter/Interceptor is smaller than a cruiser, is fairly maneuverable, but is not nearly as temperamental as a Space Fighter (SF).

        c) Who is shooting at me? – You are placed in the middle of a round of enemy ships in a Space Fighter.  They are shooting missiles and projectiles (bullets) at you.  Your job is to avoid as many strikes as possible.  You have no weapons.  Directed Energy weapons are not present as they can not be avoided. Score is determined by number of impacts.

2) Weapons (Tests can be taken as often as you want, but only the last score will count)

        a) You are placed at the weapons controls while the computer pilots a FI.  Your job is destroy all of the drones (probably 3).  Score is determined by number of shots fired and speed to destroy.

        b) You are given full control of a space fighter.  Destroy the drones.  Score is determined by number of shots fired and speed to destroy.

3) Engineering. (Tests can only be taken once)

      a) Logic Puzzle – Redirect power to the shields

      b) Logic Puzzle – Redirect power to weapons in series (Each weapon draws directly from the power supply)

      c) Logic Puzzle – Redirect power to weapons in intervals (A percentage of the power supply is provided to each weapon at certain intervals)

All Engineering tests will be scored based on time and complexity of the fix (simple is better)

Once you have gotten through the combine, you will be recruited by pirate captains.  They range from “Fresh Faced” to “Pirate King”.  A Fresh Faced pirate will have pretty crappy equipment, they will take on bigger targets than they can handle, but they will also help the player more.  While a Pirate King will have the best equipment, fleets of ships around to help you out, but they will not teach you anything new.

The purpose of the game is to rise through the ranks of Pirates until you become a Pirate King yourself, or maybe emperor of the whole galaxy.

In many ways the story line will be run by the player.  If they kill a lot (stun will be an option), then they will be on their way to “Pirate King”.  But if they try to help out fellow pirates and pick on the Empire, then they may become a rebel and eventually overthrow the Emperor and take his/her place.


For reasons that are only apparent to me, I am starting by designing the ships.  Here is an example of a WD class ship:

WD Class Space Fighter

WD Class Space Fighter

WD – White Devil

Six Missiles and two directed energy gun turrets.

Forward attack only.

Not capable of interstellar travel (Support Vehicle Only).

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